Economical combination with expansion on request - perfect in technology and performance!

The high-capacity folding machine for plane-sheet format
74 x 104 cm, quick and easy to set - short time of setup and adjustment.


Highly efficient flat pile feeder with suction-type tilting swireling device guarantees safe sheet separation even with maximum output of 40,000 sheets/h. Absolute axial stability of folding rollers by integrating additional thrust bearings. Plug-in knife shafts with exchangeable tools even with cross-type folds.


Electronic sheet spacing control as well as noncontact automatic stacking lift-system in the flat pile feeder. Mobile chute delivery with continuously variable control plus simple high-speed vertical adjustment without mandrel with built-in gas pressure spring.


  • Driven by the L2-Control-System with big keys for easy input
  • Operating panel positioned at the feeder
  • External operator panel at knife exit or delivery device
  • Frequencyconverter drive continuously variable
  • Central speed regulation
  • Digital automatic sheet distance regulation
  • Integrated batch counting device with gross- and net counting, counter of parties,
    performance and order counting with registration of the remaining runtime
  • Two electrnically controlled folding knives
  • Upgradable up to 6 folding pockets

Optional features:

  • Fully automatically folding pocket setup with
    a memory capacity up to 99 adjustments
  • Monitoring of fold length at every folding mechanism
  • Glue preparation
Mobile chute delivery
Folding unit with latest technology
Touch-free pile tracer
Pneumatically controlled separating head
Folding pockets-fine adjustment with indicator watch

Special accessories (opt.):

  • Additional knife folding mechanism ZK 500/600 (quadruple folding unit)
  • Gluing device with hot or cold glue (glue preparation required)
  • Gate folding pocket with fast electrically switching device
  • Strip cutting device
  • Edge cutting device
  • Crimping device
  • Sheet pressing unit BAS 600/800
  • Vertical stacking unit STB
  • Flat pile delivery FSA
  • Combi-folding pockets 5 & 6 instead of deflector rulers